Weird Fact Number 1 One !      -  Top BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel used to accidently remove bath towels from Steve's home in Lancaster when he stayed there after gigs in the 1980's.   His wife Shiela used to send them back with an embarassed note !

Weird Fact Number 2 Two !      - On Christmas Day 1993, Steve was asked if he would mind hosting the Singapore end of a live TV satelite link up from Melbourne, Australia with none other than top American rocker Jon Bon Jovi !

Weird Fact Number 3 Three !    - Bosses at Walt Disney Corporation were left shocked in 1998 when top UK teen  soul girl sensations Cleopatra turned down an invitation to play in Florida. They had previously agreed to return to Steve's Summerbreeze 98 festival in Morecambe, Lancashire and wouldn't let Steve down - not even for Mickey Mouse !

Weird Fact Number 4 Four !      - Steve thinks that he has probably spent more hours behind a microphone than almost anyone else in the country ! Maybe even the world ! Or perhaps it just seems like it !

Weird Fact Number 5 Five !        - When in Miami, Florida with fellow Morecambe DJ Neil Maguire, ex No 1 chart crooner Solomon King met them, took them to his Fort Lauderdale studio and introduced them not only to the legendary Eagles producer Bill Scymzic but also BeeGee Barry Gibb's personal physician Dr Ron Stander. By some coincidence, the American singer Mr King had last sung his No 1 hit  " She Wears My Ring " previously in Europe three months earlier at ..... Morecambe's Carlton Inn !

Weird Fact Number 6 Six !            - Back in England the following week, when Steve was playing a packed student Xmas gig at Leeds Polytechnic with Marc Almonds' Soft Cell & Radio 1 DJ John Peel,  the support act was a BeeGees tribute band ..... and the lead singer was a very young-looking  Angus Deayton later of  TV's Have I Got News For You.

Weird Fact Number 7 Seven !       - When doing a gig at the Moota Motel in North Cumbria in 1983, a wrongly-booked John Peel decided to feign illness and allowed Steve to present the Radio 1 night ..... introducing Steve as Manchester DJ Gary Davies who was then unknown generally but  the same height, build & hair as fellow northerner Steve ! 

Weird Fact Number 8 Eight !           - It has not been decided what the Weird Fact Number 8 & onwards are yet  !                                 BUT THEY DEFINATELY  EXIST