k a l i m b a

Kalimba is a professional entertainment company founded in the early 1990s by experienced UK DJ Steve Middlesbrough.

Based in  Morecambe.  we mainly cover the  Lake District & North Lancashire.

Kalimba  can provide a wide range of  entertainment including   DJ's,  artists & performers who are available for any kind of party and for whatever you need musically.  We can find you a range of artists from an international singer to a local band, singer or musician.  We also have radio experience and can stage festivals & events !

Kalimba has also worked internationally. The most prestigious event we have so far been asked to present was the  BeachBash 93 show in Singapore City, South East Asia. This successful event, in front of a  multi-national  audience of many thousands, was the worlds first video beach party all-nighter held on the Sentosa Island beach overnight on Christmas Eve 1993.

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